Los Angeles, CA -- The Communications Bureau is a comprehensive communications consultancy with branding and digital expertise. The Los Angeles-based collective helps brands understand and navigate the quickly changing media landscape through considered relationships, zeitgeist-led research and results driven campaigns. Through its extensive network in Los Angeles, New York and London, the non-traditional agency offers its clients a global and strategic point of view.

Kevin Fegans spent the last 15 years leading the global public relations, celebrity and social media strategies for some of the world’s most celebrated and successful fashion, media and retail brands, including Forever 21, ASOS and Condé Nast. “Given the shift in the media landscape the timing felt right to launch a consultancy. The Communications Bureau is everything the agency of yesterday isn’t: forward-thinking and always a step ahead in its ideation process with a large focus on direct to consumer engagement.”

Fegans partnered with global creative branding agency Redefined, whose clients include Apple, Spotify and SXSW, to launch The Communication Bureau. This strategical alignment will allow The Communications Bureau to focus on delivering creative, content and communications campaigns to its partners.

The media landscape is evolving faster than ever. Broadcast and print are considered traditional and impactful mediums, while digital and social platforms engage consumers on a more personal and emotional level. Content remains key for every public relations campaign and creating dedicated assets for each platform is essential. Communications campaigns must be in line with popular culture. A campaign created locally will be syndicated and digested globally. Every brand must be global in this new era.